We shape innovation!

We shape innovation! For 10 years, we have been talking the language of the most successful industrial corporations and have been combining tradition and future to create profitable solutions. Now, we are going one step further. Together with you, we will translate the future and help you to both actively shape it and protect it. We will show you what innovation is and will become, and how you can claim it and implement it for your company. To achieve this, we can not only call upon our wide-ranging expertise but can also make use of the latest research from our cooperation partner, the University of St.Gallen. Founded as a spin-off from the Institute of Technology Management, we are always in tune with the times and enliven the interface between the business and academic worlds. Our experienced experts will accompany you through our main topics of Digital Transformation, Business Model Innovation, and Intellectual Property Solutions. We would be delighted to help you shape your very own future! More details.


Business Model Innovation

We work with you to develop innovative and sustainable business models to ensure that you are, become, or remain the market leader. Learn more.

Innovation Culture

Establish and strenghten your innovation culture with a very hands-on tool. Learn more.

Innovation Management

In today’s world, companies are constantly under pressure to be innovative. Learn more.

Intellectual Property Management

Innovations are vital to getting ahead of the competition, yet only effectively protected innovations guarantee long-term success. Learn more.

Service Innovation

A growing number of companies now feels confronted by new service providers that compete with their core business and poach their customers. Learn more.


You will certainly be familiar with the latest trends in your own industry, but have you ever stopped to take a look beyond the horizon? Learn more.

Ideas & Creativity

Do you need new inspiration and creative ideas? Learn more.


Ask for one of our experienced speakers for a keynote, coaching, or a lecture. Learn more.



“Der Innovationskultur Navigator: 66 Karten für den Kreativprozess” is out now!

Innovation culture is implicit, hardly tangible and does not appear in any balance sheet. Yet, it is essential when answering the question: “innovate or die?”. But existing frameworks for shaping ones own innovation culture are often general and abstract, therefore, we – together with the ITEM-HSG – have developed the St.Galler Innovation Culture Navigator. In 6 dimensions, 3 phases and 66 best practices you can achieve a higher innovation rate, higher employee satisfaction and higher growth and profit rates.

(So far the Innovation Culture Navigator is only available in German, but we are working on our English version and keep you posted!)


LEADER. Das Unternehmermagazin

Christoph Meister was interviewed by the magazine LEADER. He talks about the digital transformation and the challenges and chances it bears for companies. You can read the interview here (in German).


Why Switzerland?

What is it that makes Switzerland so special in an international comparison? Are we ready for digitization? Are we creative? Does Asia depend on us? Lukas Rühli, editor of the magazine “Schweizer Monat” meets Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann, founding member of BGW AG. You can find the fee-based, German article here. 


Frugal Innovation Network – Launched

After more than 8 years of research with numerous industry partners we launched together with the ITEM-HSG the ‘St. Gallen Frugal Innovation Network’, providing the platform for the potential next paradigm change in innovation management. Join us and likeminded peers under www.frugalinnovationnetwork.





Autumn meeting 2018 PWZ
Dr. Christoph Meister spoke at the 2018 autumn meeting of the "Fachgruppe Präzisionswerkzeuge (PWZ)" about the importance of innovation management in the age of digitization: challenges, opportunities, insights, tips.
Oliver Gassmann about smart cities
Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann talks about smart cities - a topic of increasing relevance.
Review of the Innovation Culture Navigator. Harvard Business manager
The Harvard Business manager's current book tip is the St.Gallen Innovation Culture Navigator with the title: "HANDELN STATT LESEN".
Martin Bader & World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Partner Prof. Dr. Martin A. Bader is now a mediator at the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.
Oliver Gassmann about new business models
How can business models be kept up-to-date and what have some former market leaders missed? Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann explains the "Business Model Navigator"
Christoph Meister about challenges of data-based business models
Dr. Christoph Meister’s German articel “Maintenance: Herausforderungen datenbasierter Geschäftsmodelle” is available in the June issue of fmpro service.
Oliver Gassmann about challenges of furture working environments
An interview with Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann on the topic “Challenges of the future working world”
Oliver Gassmann & Financial Times
The Financial Times interviews Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann on the opportunities for business model innovation.