We work with you to develop innovative and sustainable business models to ensure that you are, become, or remain the market leader. As charmingly simple as this sounds, it’s actually a great challenge. Initiated by changes on the market, new technologies & products, or simply an existing business that is no longer succeeding as expected, our business model innovation methods focus on the phases of Ideation, Integration, and Implementation. The results are novel, adapted, or optimized business models that can later be multiplied within the company. We are right at your side throughout the whole process – not only with the latest research findings but also with our extensive practical experience. Whether you wish to set up an impulse session, a concept workshop, or an entire business model innovation process in your company, we will be happy to accept the challenge with you.

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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. (Peter Drucker) Due to the pressure on margins and fierce competition, the pressure on companies to be innovative increases. While many good answers have already been given at a strategy and business model level, the human factor of innovation is often neglected. Yet, it is the corporate culture that can be a key factor in enabling employees to be a decisive source and success factor for innovation.

What characterizes the culture of innovation champions? What concrete measures do they take to establish and strenghten their innovation culture? The answer is the St.Galler Innovation Culture Navigator (ICN), which we developed in cooperation with the ITEM-HSG. Curious?

Have a look at our ICN-website or contact us directly.

Please note that so far the website and the culture practices (66 cards) are only available in German. We are working on an English version and keep you posted!


In today’s world, companies are constantly under pressure to be innovative. They are expected to quickly anticipate global trends and to come up with product, service, and process innovations at ever shorter intervals. An effective form of innovation management is therefore becoming an increasingly important strategic success factor for companies. BGW AG supports you with the formulation of innovation strategies and works closely with you on the topics of innovation processes, structures, and culture to design a tailored innovation management. In addition, BGW AG supports you with the strategy and innovation management implementation, e.g., in the form of training programs and the development of intrapreneurs.

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Innovations are vital to getting ahead of the competition, yet only effectively protected innovations guarantee long-term success. Managing intellectual property (IP) is therefore increasingly recognized as more important than managing factories. In today’s business environments, patents play major roles. BGW AG can support your company in establishing comprehensive, effective IP and patent management. Given the complex challenges of professional practice, BGW AG does not offer standard solutions. Each project is tailored and executed to meet your specific business needs.

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A growing number of companies now feels confronted by new service providers that compete with their core business and poach their customers. In many cases, the solutions these newcomers offer are totally simple and satisfy an obvious customer need but have either been overlooked by established companies or categorized as irrelevant. The more innovative the competition, the more disruptive are their services – the high art of Service Innovation ends in creating and satisfying a customer need. We can help you to recognize this fact and establish it in your company.

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Do you need new inspiration and creative ideas? Our experienced industry and trend experts work with you to develop a customized solution – whether you need a keynote speech, a one-day ideation workshop, or a wide-ranging customer integration workshop.

Or are you looking for experts for your internal training and further education courses? Our experienced presentation experts will be happy to work with you to draw up sustainable training concepts for topics such as innovation culture, open innovation, digitalization, and trends.

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Ask for one of our experienced speakers for a keynote, coaching, or a lecture about topics as

  • Business Model Innovation,
  • Open Innovation,
  • Cross-Industry Trends,
  • Innovation Management, or
  • Intellectual Property Management.

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