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The buzzword ‘digitalization’ is not new, yet it is now as present as ever. The accompanying opportunities and changes don’t just affect company structures and processes, but also influence our deep-rooted understanding of our daily lives – the way we work, communicate, sell and lead. The digital transformation is mainly shaped, lived and further developed by humans. The most important foundations for a successful digital company are understanding customer needs, then recognizing, evaluating and implementing relevant technologies, followed by specialized staff training. At the same time, it is important to approach the topic of digital transformation from a systemic perspective. Our expertise in the digitalization of business models enables us to fully comprehend and transform a company so that it completely embraces issues like the Internet of Things and Smart Services, and doesn’t fear them.

We assist you in the digital transformation of your company by working closely together with you to

  • analyze your company, your core capabilities and the main issues at stake,,
  • identify relevant trends and develop them further for your company,
  • speak to your customers, invite them to meetings and generate new ideas together with you,
  • create and implement a streamlined digital strategy.

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We are convinced that business model innovations are what keep a company innovative and competitive over the long term. It doesn’t matter how innovative your products, processes and services are – if you don’t create sustainable business models for them, it will be difficult to generate and harness the potential value. In addition, the probability will increase that newcomers start to overtake you or even force you out of the market. Furthermore, growing numbers of new or non-industry companies are getting involved and are turning entire markets upside down with their disruptive ideas, as well as developing impressive business models with products that are merely “good enough”. Don’t be taken by surprise by this development and, instead, seek to actively shape the future of your company and the market by preparing your company for the next step of innovation.

We assist you to

  • identify the various forces of change in your existing business model,
  • analyze your company’s current business models,
  • identify new customer needs,
  • develop new business model concepts for your company based on the latest research results and extensive practical experience,
  • successfully implement the developed concepts.

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Innovations are of enormous importance when it comes to achieving competitive advantages. However, only an effective protection of these innovations will ensure sustainable success for the company. For this reason, intellectual property management is much more important than running factories in the global innovation competition. Rigorously acquired competitive advantages can only be expanded through the smart application of intellectual property rights. The main factors of influence here are freedom of operation, protection from imitations, blocking competitors and commercialization through exploitation and licensing. Numerous studies verify the positive influence of a sustainable intellectual property management on company success.

BGW will help you to optimize your intellectual property management. We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Strategy, process, and organization development
  • Change management,
  • Cost-benefit optimization,
  • Coaching and interim management,
  • Support in exploitation, licensing, and technology transfer,
  • IP KPIs and metrics,
  • IP audits,
  • IP benchmarking, and
  • St.Gallen Patent Index™ (SGPI™).

Our expert Prof. Dr. Martin A. Bader looks forward to your request. In 2013, he was selected as one of the world’s leading IP strategists by IAM Strategy 300.

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